By Matthew Aguilar - March 4, 2020 10:50 am EST

Deadpool is always one to break the fourth wall throw in some reality to the comic mix, and that's exactly what he did in a rather hilarious way in Marvel's newest issue of Strikeforce. The target this time around was the leader of Strikeforce Blade, and as both have had experience in the feature film arena, Deadpool had plenty to work with. Now, spoilers coming for Strikeforce #7, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned. Are we good? Good. So the Strikeforce team finds themselves seeking out shelter in a place where no one should be able to find them, and that means Monster Island, which is now run by Deadpool. As you might expect, sparks quickly fly between Deadpool and Blade, and that's when Deadpool takes a shot at Blade's film record, specifically Blade Trinity. Trt Blade


When they encounter each other, Blade is less than enthused to see him, saying "@#$%. Wade." Deadpool is a little less rigid, but he uses the opportunity to take a jab at the vampire hunter, saying "Blade. Been in any good movies lately? Last I saw, you were huntin' down Parker Posey and some sexy dude".

The movie he is referring to is Blade's last film Blade Trinity, which also starred Ryan Reynolds (aka sexy dude), who would go on to become Deadpool in the successful Fox films.

It's a two punch combo, as he is not only insulting Blade with the any good movies lately jab but is also shouting himself out with the Reynolds remark. To be fair though, would you expect anything else from Wade? Yeah, we wouldn't either.

Strikeforce #7 is written by Tini Howard and drawn by German Peralta with colors by GURU-eFX and lettering and design by VC's Joe Sabino. The logo was designed by Jay Bowen and Juan Jose Ryp and Matthew Wilson created the book's covers. You can find the official description below.

"SHOWDOWN ON DEADPOOL'S MONSTER ISLAND! There are still hundreds of shape-shifting Vridai sneaking their way through Midgard — and Strikeforce is the only team that can recognize them. But when Blade and his team go hunting on King Deadpool's Monster Island, they'll find the worst monsters of all may be the ones in the mirror!"

Strikeforce #7 is in comic stores now.

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