TL;DR: As of August 28, you can get the Retractable Windshield Shade(opens in a new tab) for just $29.99 instead of $80.99 — that's a 62% discount.

When you return to your car after parking in the sun, how excited are you to grab that roasting windshield shade, meticulously fold it back up, then try to find somewhere it isn't entirely in the way? The benefits of sunshades(opens in a new tab) are inarguable, with cars using windshield shades staying up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit cooler(opens in a new tab) than their unshaded counterparts. However, windshield shades can be large and frustrating to put away.  Winter Windshield Cover

Keep your car cool with this convenient windshield shade | Mashable

If you're tired of seeing your sunshade crushed under groceries and guests in your backseat, you may want to consider this Retractable Windshield Shade. It never has to leave the front of your car, but it's also unobtrusive and on sale for $29.99 (Reg. $80). 

This retractable windshield's design(opens in a new tab) is simple, but it could make a significant difference on hot days, especially if you can't find a shady spot and don't plan on barbecuing in your car. Using durable suction cups, an accordion design, and hooks, this shade could be relatively unobtrusive when you don't need it and easily stretched across your windshield when you do. Made of polyester and aluminum alloy, the manufacturer claims it can block 99 percent of harmful UV rays and up to 85 percent of the "sun's total solar energy." Plus, by protecting against UV light, you may be able to make your car's interior(opens in a new tab) last longer. 

The sunshield has a self-retracting design, so when you're ready to drive, just unhook it from the passenger side and let it fold back up. If you've ever been frustrated at the heat and delay as you put away your windshield shade, this tool could streamline the process. 

Keep your car cool with this convenient windshield shade | Mashable

Bubble Sunshade Windshield shades are a tested tool that could keep your car cooler and help your interior last longer, but they may also be inconvenient. Alternatively, this Retractable Windshield Shade(opens in a new tab) offers the protection of a traditional sunshade in compact form, and it's on sale for $29.99 (Reg. $80).