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اصطلاحات رایج انگلیسی و داستان پشت آنها (پارت دوم)

همان طور که در پارت قبل نیز تجربه کردید دانستن داستان و تاریخچه اصطلاحات جدای از جذاب بودن، به یادگیری آن اصطلاحات نیز کمک شایانی میکند. در این قسمت با داستان 5 اصطلاح رایج دیگر که توسط آمریکایی ها بیشتر استفاده  می شود آشنا شوید . اصطلاحات رایج انگلیسی و داستان پشت آنها (پارت دوم) 

Hands down


Meaning: without a lot of effort; by far

معنی: بی دردسر

Origin: Winning “hands down” once referred to 19th-century horseracing, when a jockey could remove his hands from the reins and still win the race because he was so far ahead.

Example: The French team won hands down.

Riding shotgun


Meaning: riding in the front seat of a vehicle next to the driver

معنی: صندلی جلو نشستن

Origin: In the Wild West, the person who sat next to the driver was often equipped with a shotgun to kill any robbers that might happen upon the coach.

Example: I ride shotgun when I travel in the passenger seat of a car.

Barking up the wrong tree


Meaning: pursuing a misguided course of action

معنی: اشتباه گرفتن- این گوری که بالای سرش گریه می‌کنی توش مرده نداره

Origin: Likely referring to hunting, this saying explains when a dog would literally bark at the bottom of the wrong tree after the prey in question moved to the next branch.

Example: I have been trying to solve this math problem for 30 minutes, but I think I’ve been barking up the wrong tree

Flying off the handle


Meaning: suddenly becoming enraged

معنی: عصبانی شدن – تو خط در رفتن

Origin: This one is said to come from poorly made axes of the 1800s that would literally detach from the handle. Yikes!

Example: It’s a shame the candidate allowed himself to fly off the handle like that during the debate, since it undermines a lot of the really solid arguments he’d been making up to that point.

اصطلاحات رایج انگلیسی و داستان پشت آنها (پارت دوم)

Cost an arm and a leg


Meaning: extremely expensive

معنی اصطلاح: قیمت خون پدر- قیمت گزاف

Origin : The story goes that this phrase originated from 18th-century paintings, as famous people like George Washington would have their portraits done without certain limbs showing. Having limbs showing is said to have cost more.

Example: We want to redecorate the living room, but I’m afraid it’s going to cost us an arm and a leg.

درصورت نیاز به اطلاعات بیشتردراین زمینه می توانید ازطریق ایمیل

باما درتماس بوده و سوالات و مباحثی که دغدغه ذهنیتان هستند را مطرح نمایید تا درپست های بعدی به آنها بپردازیم.

اصطلاحات رایج انگلیسی و داستان پشت آنها (پارت دوم)

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